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Mad Max's Course in Film Scoring for Motion Pictures
Lesson: Film Scoring for a real scene for Television
Apply what you have learned to create your demo reel

Score a sceneEdit

You have learned the three basic ways to create musical sound effects and musical themes for film scoring. Now you need to create an actual film score and then you need to show it to people.

1. Purchase any of the disks from the Star Movie Shop which have edited scenes for you to create a film score. "Blindman's Bluff" and "Home Wrcker" are probably the two best choices. "Blindman's Bluff Production" has two scenes, one short and one long. "Home Wrecker" has only one short scene.

2. Import the edited scene into GarageBand.

3. Decide what you want to do. This will take the most time. Listen to a lot of film scores, Broadway scores, and classical music. While you are trying to decide, create a humming score to test your ideas.

4. Use the three methods you have learned to create musical sound effects.

8. Export the movie with finished score.

From this basic form, you can add tracks with other notes.

Create your demo reelEdit

When you begin looking for a job creating film scores, even if it is just film scores for student films, you will need to show the film's producer what you can do. For this, you need a demo reel. Create film scores for many of the scenes from the Star Movie Shop and use iDVD or DVD Studio Pro to create a demo reel.

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