Filmmaking Basics/Floor plan for course 1

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Wikiversity (English) Humanities Art and Design Fine Arts Film and Television Narrative Film Production Course #01 - Learning the Basics of Filmmaking One possible floor plan for the movie Seduced by the Dark Side!.

Draw The Line

Before You Start Drawing Storyboards, Look At This Floor Plan!
Look at the floor plan for this movie. Then draw a line between the two people in the story. Unless they move or unless you move the camera while crossing the line, never jump across this line. Rule: You must never cut from a shot on one side of the line to a different shot on the other side of the line.

The wall with the poster, the old person and the young person

Be careful when you cross the line between the Young Person and the Old Person.

How This Works
Above is one possible floor plan for the movie Seduced by the Dark Side!. When you are filming, you can go anywhere you want.
However, when you are editing, you must never cut from a camera shot in the pink area to a camera shot in the green area. If you do, there will be a sudden confusion in the mind of the audience.


Reference materials

Reference materials for Seduced by the Dark Side! that you might need.
  • The unformatted script. Print this script outline and use the numbers on this script for your thumbnail storyboards.
  • The original story. To get additional information for your storyboards, look at the original story.
  • The floor plan for the movie set. This will help you plan your shots.