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Mad Max's Course in Film Scoring for Motion Pictures
Lesson #2 - Using rhythm to create moods with GarageBand and the sounds of a symphony orchestra
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Lesson Summary: Creating moods with rhythm using GarageBand with symphony orchestra
Page 2: Creating the sound of joy with GarageBand and symphony orchestra sounds - 6 points
Page 3: Creating additional moods for motion pictures with rhythm - 6 points
Learn how to create the sound of Joy!

Lesson Summary - "Tiny bells all in a row"

In this lesson, you learn to create musical sound effects with repeating patterns. That means we use rhythm to create the mood.

1. On one track of GarageBand, select four notes to be played by high pitched bells. Make the notes very short so they entire sequence plays in one second or less.

2. Drag the section so it repeats for four seconds (four times). Now you have sixteen bell sounds in four seconds.

3. With a soft sounding instrument on another track, play the four notes slowly, one per second.

Using this a base, you can add addition tracks with other notes.

Where are we?

This lesson is the second of three lessons in film scoring.

1. Creating music with individual notes.

2. Creating music with rhythm.

3. Creating music with melody.

These are the tools we will use to create our film scores. Here are some examples:

1. The sound of Fear

2. The sound of Joy

3. The sound of Adventure

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