Film Scoring/Theory of Film Scoring/Creating a humming score

Learn how to create a humming score.

Humm into the microphone

For this lesson, you use your own voice as a musical instrument to create a scratch track (rough version of the film score for the rough edit of the movie.)

1. Set up GarageBand or any DAW program to record audio in sync with a movie. You will need a microphone connected to your computer and headphones.

2. Purchase any of the disks from the Star Movie Shop which have edited scenes for you to create a film score. "Blindman's Bluff" and "Home Wrcker" are probably the two best choices. "Blindman's Bluff Production" has two scenes, one short and one long. "Home Wrecker" has only one short scene.

3. Import the edited scene into GarageBand.

4. Watch the movie and hum into the microphone to create either the melody or the rhythm for your film score.

5. After you finally get a good track (erasing all the bad tries), you add a second track while listening to the first track. It is amazing how a second track enhances the first track.

6. Create more and more tracks, adding layer and layer of music.

7. Stop when it finally begins to sound good!

8. Export the movie with your humming score. Burn this onto a DVD-Video disk and send it to me. Done!

From this basic form, you can add tracks with other notes.

Pictures to follow shortly...

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