Filmmaking Basics/Understanding Filmmaking

Introduction to this lesson

The "Start Here" movie
Watch the instructional movie
In this lesson, you look at an 11-minute movie on the "Follow Dave" disk.
You will edit the scene in a later lesson.
Learn by examples

Look at a real example

In this lesson, we look at a real example of a television drama filmed and edited in Hollywood.
For this lesson, you need the "Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop disk.
NOTE: Currently, it takes up to 4 weeks to send disks to Africa, 12 days to Egypt, etc, so let me know your mailing address as soon as possible.

Take the exams

Once you are finished looking the disk, you take a pop quiz to see if you have learned anything. That is on the next page.
The disk for this lesson
You need a disk
To do this lesson, you need a disk called "Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD. Even though the Star Movie Shop is now closed to the public, I still have some copies of this disk. I can loan you the disk for one month... if you promise to return it.
Film Editing Disks
This disk is also used for the motion picture editing course at Wikiversity Film School. Therefore, by completing this lesson, you will have the disk you need to begin the film editing course.
Designed for the Macintosh
The disk was designed for the Macintosh computer. Fortunately, this disk is also a cross-platform disk so most things work on a Windows machine.
If you have trouble accessing any of the pieces of these disks, find someone with a Macintosh computer and ask them to convert them to whatever format your programs need.
Use your points to get the disks.
Promises, promises!
To get the disk, email me and tell me what you are ready for this lesson and you promise to return the disk in one month. Click here when you are ready.
Note:This offer is only for students who have already completed the first part of the filmmaking course.
Begin with "Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD

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And she said, "Follow Dave?"
Start with the first lesson on Editing a conversation - Overview.

Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this filmmaking class is Robert Elliott. You can email me by clicking here.