Film Scoring/Melody/Creating the sound of drama

Learn how to create a humming score.

Simplify, simpify, simplify!

For this lesson, you use midi files to create a film score.

1. Locate great sounding midi files from classical music (before 1900).

2. Isolate a single phrase, usually one to three seconds long.

3. Isolate a single instrument (or two) from the entire. You want the main melody without much else.

4. Built the music sound effect from these few notes (or cords) by assigning the elements to different instruments of the symphony orchestra which create the emotion you are looking for. This will always be different from the original musical instruments.

The goal is to get a professional sound which is simple and pure.

Pictures to follow shortly...

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Supplemental A: Examples of Narrative Music Supplemental B: A fun movie which needs a film score

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