Wikiversity:What Wikiversity is not

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Wikiversity is a space for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities. This page outlines some of the things it does not do.

What Wikiversity is not

  • A degree-granting institution: Wikiversity does not confer academically accredited degrees, diplomas, certificates, titles, etc. Be respectful towards other participants regardless of their age, academic background, or knowledge. Everyone has an important role to play in Wikiversity's development. Wikiversity, however, can help you get a degree at a university.
  • A post-secondary institution: Wikiversity includes learning resources for all age groups. Wikiversity is only a university in the sense of a multilingual community of teachers, learners, and researchers ("universitas magistrorum et scholarium") dedicated to lifelong learning.
  • A podium: Wikiversity resources and activities should promote learning above any personal opinions, beliefs, or biases that you may have. If you wish to express your personal take on someone or something, please do so in a way that is open, respectful, inclusive of academic participation, and informs participants on the issues that matter to you. Critical analyses and academic lectures are two possible ways to do this.
  • A static project: Every day brings new people, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. Wikiversity will continue to change and develop to meet the needs of the Wikiversity community.
  • Other Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia or Wikibooks may be better for you if you just want to read about a topic, but they may also be a good place to consolidate learning as well if you would rather help write an article, book, etc. without getting too involved in participation. Wikisource is available for source texts and historical documents. There may be some overlap between projects, but each project maintains its own focus.

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