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Welcome to the Wikiversity Reports learning project. The Wikiversity Reports podcast is a way to learn about podcasting while producing podcasts that are useful to the Wikiversity community.

The original Wikiversity Reports webpage.

History of Wikiversity Reports edit

From September to November 2006 the podcast media files and the Web feed for Wikiversity Reports were hosted at a 60 day trial .Mac account. Starting in November, the Wikiversity Reports episodes are available for download from the Internet Archive. Some episodes have been converted to Ogg files.

The Wikiversity Reports podcasts are of several types. Some of the podcasts are periodical reports on the status of the Wikiversity project. Other reports are tutorials or "how tos" that explain features of the Wiki user interface. Other Wikiversity Reports podcasts describe some specific educational content of Wikiversity.

List of existing Wikiversity Reports episodes edit

Monthly reports on the Wikiversity project edit

Click above to view Wikiversity Monthly Report 3
Launch of the French language Wikiversity.

Month 1. report #1 <-- podcast format requires QuickTime -|- Ogg Video format --> Report #1.ogg (Help with Ogg video file play.)

Month 2. report #2 in podcast format requires QuickTime. Traffic statistics, launch of the Spanish language Wikiversity website.

Months 3 & 4. report #3 .mov screencast format; can be viewed with QuickTime or VLC Player. Ogg Video format --> Report #3.ogg (Help with Ogg video file play). Topics: frequently visited Wikiversity pages (see), French language Wikiversity website, logo update, OurMedia and Internet Archive.

Month 5. see below for plans

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Special short reports edit

Tutorials edit

Plans for new webcasts edit

  • see Wiki Campus Radio#Sessions
  • Reports for additional months of the Wikiversity project.
    • Logo contest update
    • Statistics- page creation
      • Page creation at various Wikiversity domains (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)
      • Update on research and other policy discussions
    • most active Wikiversity pages
    • ..
  • Tutorial about categories, portals, and navigation templates.

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