Participants in this project create short (15 to 60 seconds) promotional videos for Wikiversity.

See the QuickTime version of this short movie with a sound track produced by GarageBand. (Flash version)


Suggest types of promotional videos for Wikiversity.

Like Apple computer ads

Like Firefox Ads


Wikiversity Reports

Watch a podcast version of the video fown in the figure on this page. See the description of how the podcast version was created.

According to information at the Wikimedia meta-wiki and at Wikipedia, the only approved method for directly posting video to Wikimedia websites is to use Ogg Theora video.

There is some information about Ogg Theora at and May be useful: How to convert QuickTime movie to Ogg Theora and this list of Theora resources and a possible GUI converter called Super (for Windows. There might be a problem downloading with Firefox; try Explorer. See this review).

Testing output from Super.....Media:Short.ogg. The file plays using VLC media player for Mac OS X, but the file play terminates early. Super seems to work for more standard .mov and .mpg file conversions to Ogg video. VLC can also convert file formats and produce Ogg files, but it is slower than Super and its own documentation says, "Please note that VLC is not very suited for file to file transcoding. Its transcoding features are however useful to save network streams, for example."