Wikiversity:Organizing Wikiversity

This page is loosely based on an older page: Wikiversity:Archive/Organizing Self-Management

This page is for brainstorming, discussing and detailing how Wikiversity is organised, both from a technical point of view (ie custodians) and its relationship with other projects and organisations.

Custodians and maintaining Wikiversity edit

See main article: the Wikiversity Maintenance Hub

The Wikiversity community appoints people to carry out administrative functions on Wikiversity, for example to delete obsolete pages. More detail can be found at Wikiversity:Custodians and current requests at Wikiversity:Candidates for Custodianship and Wikiversity:Request custodian action.

Wikiversity and Wikimedia edit

Wikiversity is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. This means that it is bound within a general community, with a vision of providing the world with access to free information. It also means it has access to a range of people with various expertise, resources (eg. financial, technical), and organisational/community structures to support its ongoing development. Whether Wikiversity wants or needs to set up some sort of structure (such as a committee) to interface with Wikimedia's organisational structure is yet to be fully discussed.

Outreach edit

As exciting a project as Wikiversity is, it may be desired to enter into collaboration with other organisations/communities/projects. What could Wikiversity be good for and what kinds of projects would be fitting? Please see Wikiversity:Wikiversity outreach for details (and Wikiversity:A Letter to for an example).

Accreditation edit

Discussion continues as to whether Wikiversity is to pursue the option of becoming some sort of accredited institution, and how this would be done. See Wikihigh and Wikiversity:Accreditation.

Note: The Wikimedia Board of Trustees directed the Wikiversity community not to include credentials and accreditation in the Wikiversity project (see Wikiversity:Original proposal).

How you can help right now! edit

  1. De-orphan pages - "Orphaned pages" have no links to them from other pages. You can find appropriate and logical pages to allow others to access orphaned pages and create links to the orphaned pages at those pages.
  2. Categorize pages - Uncategorized pages need categories or need to be tagged as uncategorized.
  3. Put pages in the right namespace - You can make sure pages are in the proper namespace.
  4. Moving (renaming) pages so that they comply with naming conventions can help Wikiversity to be more organized.

See also edit

Explanation of Structure edit

A highly visible link to a page explaining Wikiversity structure (Portal>School>Department, etc.) should be on every page somewhere, to help orient confused visitors; it can cause quite a bit of confusion when a user sees "Faculty" and thinks they're going to find a list of people, for example. See: Wikiversity:Namespaces.