See the talk page for general discussion about Wikiversity policies.
Please note that the Wikiversity project proposal underlies these policies.

Discussions related to the development of research policy are conducted in a multi-lingual format at, you can start at: Research guidelines.

Policies required by the Wikimedia FoundationEdit

These policies are listed at Meta:Policies and guidelines. They may change from time to time, but are outside the direct control of the Wikiversity community and must be followed by Wikiversity. Nevertheless, contradictions may exist within material on meta, and between material on meta and the WV project proposal.

Neutral point of viewEdit

Neutral point of view is adopted by some Wikimedia projects. Wikiversity has explicitly developed policies that allow participants to NOT use the neutral point of view (NPOV) in some situations. Editing outside of the constraints imposed by NPOV imposes other special requirements on editors. Most Wikiversity pages adhere to NPOV.

Existing policiesEdit

This is a list of official policies that have been adopted on the English Wikiversity (the link shows the voting). The adoption process is discussed on the talk page. A policy should already have the Template:Policy banner before being added to this list.





Best practice guidelinesEdit

These policy-like documents contain guidelines which have not been voted on or which have not achieved formal consensus in a poll, but which have become established in practice.

Proposed PoliciesEdit

Note: some of these policies were rejected by vote shortly after Wikiversity's foundation. These policies should be tagged for revision if not already revised, and then resubmitted for approval.

Course Titles and NumbersEdit


Content policiesEdit

Enforcing policiesEdit


Proposed GuidelinesEdit


Rejected policiesEdit

The following policies have been rejected so clearly that they should probably not be revived in any new form. They are listed here to help avoid repetition.

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