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Bureaucrats are part of Wikiversity's support staff. Bureaucrats are users with the ability to promote other users to custodian or bureaucrat status, and grant or revoke bot status.

A bureaucrat's role


First and foremost, bureaucrats must be well-trusted members of the community. They must have a deep understanding of Wikiversity's mission and processes, and must be excellent judges of consensus. They must demonstrate through their extensive contributions to Wikiversity that they are not rash in decision-making, nor uncivil to others, even those whom they are in disagreement with. They must also have the ability and willingness to thoroughly explain decisions that he or she makes, as well as to admit fault, where appropriate.

Bureaucrats do not have the right to use their status to appropriate any undue influence in community discussions - their participation in such activities is on a par with any other community member, insofar as is possible. Whatever influence they may have should be akin to that of any other community member, according to the weight of their opinions or their previous participation in the project.

Bureaucrats are expected to follow the same policy as custodians.

A bureaucrat's duties


Bureaucrats can expand the set of groups that a user belongs to by adding a user to the bot, custodian, or bureaucrat group (via Special:UserRights - Special:Log/rights). Bureaucrats act as the final interpreter of consensus with respect to candidacies for user group changes. Bureaucrats are charged with the responsibility of declaring at an appropriate time, whether a custodian, bureaucrat, or bot candidate is granted a user group change or otherwise. Bureaucrats should respect the Wikiversity community's decision on these particular matters. This management process is intended to streamline processing of requests for user group changes, and to minimize ambiguity introduced to the process when non-bureaucrats intervene.

Bureaucrats should be careful about making mistakes in adding user rights because only the bot group can be removed by bureaucrats. To remove custodian or bureaucrat rights requires a steward to undo the change.

How can I question a bureaucrat's decision?


You can ask on a bureaucrat's user talk page, request feedback from other custodians and bureaucrats, or start a community review. The order is important, it reflects the order in which you should attempt to resolve a problem.

How are bureaucrats created?


Bureaucrats can be nominated at Wikiversity:Candidates for Custodianship just like with custodians. However, no mentor is required. Nominations should be announced (site wide), and kept open for a period of at least two weeks before being acted upon. There needs to be a very strong majority of users in support of the decision to add or remove a candidate from the bureaucrat group.

How are bureaucrats removed?


There are three ways:

  1. A bureaucrat can request removal of his/her tools from stewards.
  2. Requests for bureaucrat removal by others (unless it's an emergency) should first go through the process of talk page discussion, custodian feedback request, and community review. The final act would be a request to stewards to remove the bureaucrat group from a user.
  3. The maximum time period of inactivity without community review for holders of advanced administrative rights is two years per the global policy described at Admin activity review. After that time a Steward will remove the rights.

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