Wikiversity:Respect people

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This policy addresses issues concerning respecting Wikiversity participants and anyone you might write about.

Respect people edit

Being respectful includes being fair, balanced, and responsible in your depictions of people's accomplishments and failures, focusing mainly on what was said or done, being clear to distinguish between personal interpretations and facts, and letting other Wikiversity participants aid in reasonably balancing depictions fairly and responsibly.

Be respectful of Wikiversity participants and anyone you write about, and their desire for dignity, autonomy, and privacy. Do not divulge or disclose information unless it has already been verified by a notable, respected, responsible, and sound public source, or verified publicly by themselves (such as on their Wikiversity user page). When in doubt, make your intentions known to the people you wish to write about and make sure you get their permission before divulging or disclosing information. The reputation you save might be your own.

Wikiversity encourages community-based learning and is developed through consensus. As you participate at Wikiversity, ask and answer questions as best you can, listen to and talk with people, give people time to adjust to Wikiversity, and be patient and respectful while you engage in discussions and as you work together with other people to develop Wikiversity. Be respectful even if you feel other people aren't showing you respect. If you and other participants need help finding common ground, further discussion at community review may prove helpful. Disrespecting consensus may cause people to feel disrespected, so find ways to respect consensus, even if you feel consensus disrespects you or other people, such as by working within or around consensus, or by coming up with novel solutions that has not been tried before.

By assuming good faith and being civil towards others, you can reduce the risk of causing people to feel disrespected. If you feel someone is disrespectful to you, remember to keep your cool and let them know how you feel and why you feel that way, and encourage them to be more tolerant and respectful. If you are told that you are acting disrespectfully, you are encouraged to review and revise your practices. If you continue to be disrespectful after being encouraged by the community to stop, you may no longer be welcome or permitted to participate in Wikiversity activities.

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