Wikiversity:Academic freedom

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The Wikiversity policy for Academic freedom states that Wikiversity participants in the roles of teacher, student and researcher have freedom to pursue knowledge wherever it may lead, including beyond the traditional Wikimedia Foundation Neutral point of view (NPOV) policy. When Wikiversity participants edit outside of the confines of NPOV policy, they assume the responsibility to openly disclose and discuss their personal biases and potential conflicts of interest and must explicitly affirm that they accept the restrictions imposed by the Wikiversity policy for Scholarly ethics.

Wikiversity participants who do not wish to assume the additional responsibilities imposed by the Wikiversity:Disclosures and Wikiversity:Scholarly ethics policies must edit according to the restrictions imposed by the Wikimedia Foundation NPOV policy. In practice, this means that by default the editing of Wikiversity pages will be governed by the Wikimedia Foundation NPOV policy. Specific Wikiversity pages can be exempted from NPOV by prominently displaying a statement that describes the point of view (or points of view) that are intended to be explored without an attempt to explore and discuss all significant points of view. Individuals wishing to participate in scholarly exploration of a topic from the limited perspective of a single point of view and free of NPOV policy restrictions, must declare their personal commitment to the Scholarly ethics policy.

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