Wikiversity:Course protection policy

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Wikiversity encourages educators and teachers at "brick and mortar" schools to utilize Wikiversity as a place to create educational resources, teach students, and collaborate with other people with an interest in education.

What does Wikiversity offer?


Wikiversity uses the MediaWiki software platform to allow almost anyone to create, share, and collaborate on CC-BY-SA educational resources for teaching and learning. Traditional educational settings use Wikiversity in a variety of ways. Wikiversity encourages you to experiment with different methods in order to come up with practices that work best for your students and school. However if you need a way to manage pages so only some people can access or contribute to a work then a content management system or learning management system may be a better solution than Wikiversity.

You can fork resources and add templates to the top of forked resources to encourage other Wikiversity participants to use other resources for the duration of the course. Perhaps you will see changes in resources you can incorporate into the course, or perhaps other participants will see changes in the course they can incorporate back into the resources.

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