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Full courses run or organized on Wikiversity (using Wikiversity as part of their course, or editing Wikiversity as part of their assignments):

Current and future coursesEdit

You can help these courses get organized!

Meta and Education
Sociology and politics
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Past coursesEdit

Summary reports on past projects are welcome (see also: Wikiversity:What I have learned).

Completed topicsEdit

courses that led to an orderly collection of knowledge about that topic.

Full coursesEdit

sharing course materials here, covering the entire course

  • Internet and Project Competence (2008) - Web 2.0 introduction, with students from Catholic University of Eichstaett, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Sofia University of Bulgaria

Full courses: Prof. Quoc, University of FloridaEdit

Engineering courses by Prof. Loc Vu Quoc. Student usernames are prefixed by the course #


Partial coursesEdit

Courses that have posted some resources or assignments here, or at least a syllabus and course concept, but not the materials for a full course.

Olin College Student Courses
Northern Arizona University, mainly Professor Jeffrey Downard
Other universities


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