Research in programming Wikidata

Research in programming Wikidata (with code listing, figures and tests) is a project concerned with learning activities for SPARQL and Wikidata. This course's audience includes researchers, students and teachers of technical universities.

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This course was originally developed by graduate students as part of a research course taught by Andrew Krizhanovsky at Petrozavodsk State University (2017-2021).


Querying Wikidata with SPARQL for Absolute Beginners

Games based on WikidataEdit

The goal is to create computer games based on data extracted from Wikidata. There are the following requirements to the game:

  • it is an educational game;
  • it is available online, e.g. Android game (see Artolela), Scratch, or created via Game Editor, Pygame, Kivy;
  • the game has interface in English and in Russian, or there are two game versions: in Russian and in English;
  • the program is open source, with an open license, the program code is available online at GitHub or other source code repository.

List of developed games: