Introduction to Computers


This course is an introduction for non-computer science students (see Introduction to Computer Science for computer science students). Instead this course is a gentler, lighter survey course without delving too much into technical details. It will also examine computers from the perspective on how they influence society.


Prerequisites are courses it is suggested you understand before you attempt this course. If you're having a hard time understanding the material in this course, make sure you understand these prerequisites first.

  • There are no prerequisites! (You should be able to follow along no matter how little experience you have in this subject.)


  1. 100% Introduction
  2. 100% Inside a computer case
  3. 50% Peripherals
  4. 100% System software
  5. 100% Application software
  6. 100% Personal
  7. 100% Networks
  8. 100% Security
  9. 100% Internet
  10. 100% Development
  11. 100% Databases
  12. 100% Artificial intelligence

What Next?Edit

Once you have completed this course, you have learned enough to take these courses: