ICNS 141 Computer EssentialsEdit

This site is a supplement to the course taught at Mahidol University International College (MUIC).



  1. Help
  2. Adding Content in Wikiversity
  3. Editing
  4. Picture Tutorial
  5. Embedding images
  6. Image Policy
  7. Categorizing
  8. Learning by Doing
  9. Naming Conventions & Style Guide
  10. Renaming a page
  11. User Contributions

This Wikiversity editor in their contributing to scholarly works, agrees to strong scholarly ethics. In particular this Wikiversity editor:
  • Is committed to presenting a balanced, objective, accurate, and informative account of all relevant scholarly evidence, facts, analysis, and ideas within all scholarly topics of study in the interest of full disclosure and honesty.
  • Does not condone illegal, deceptive, or otherwise unethical practices in their own contributions or in others'.
  • May for research purposes contribute outside of the restrictions of NPOV.
  • Will respond to all questions about the ethical caliber of their contributions on their talk page.