Wikiversity:Adding content tutorial

Welcome to the adding content tutorial! In this tutorial we will find out how to add content you have already created, or how to add to existing content on Wikiversity. We recommend you open up a new window to try out the activities in this tutorial, so that you can always refer back to this page if you get stuck. For the tutorial on editing Wikiversity, see Wikiversity:Introduction

Creating a new page in Wikiversity edit

Every resource (or, if you like, "learning object") in Wikiversity is on a unique page, with a unique page title. For example, a page named "Electronic Engineering" is different from "Electronic engineering". (Spot the difference!)

Before creating a new page, check that there is no other page in Wikiversity that you could add to. You can do this through the search function.

The search box, which you can find in the upper-right corner of any Wikiversity page.

You can create a page simply by making a link to it - that's all you have to do! Think carefully about what you want to call it, and when you have a pagename that you are happy with, go to a page you want to link it from, edit that page, put it in double brackets [[like this]], and save the page. (Note to self and anyone interested: this seems quite complicated to ask the complete newbie to do. We need a "start this page" box.)

Boilerplates? (Needs to be as user-friendly and broadly-applicable as possible.)

Formatting edit

You might have already written a long text and you simply want to copy and paste it into Wikiversity. That's fine (provided it's free content of course!) However, text formatted in another word processor (eg. MS Word) will not be similarly formatted for wiki. You might need to add some spacings between paragraphs, make headings, and mark text as bold or italic.

Quick basics:

  • To make a heading, put the text between double equals signs: ==like this==
  • To make text bold, put the text between triple apostrophes: '''like this'''
  • To make text italic, put text between double apostrophes: ''like this''
  • To make a bulleted list: put a star (*) before each bulleted point:

For more detailed help with formatting text, including how to create tables, see Help:Editing

Categorising edit

In order to make your page(s) more accessible to other people, it's a good idea to categorise them. (Help:Category)

In short

  • find matching categories
  • for each category add the following line to your page
    • [[Category:Category name]]

Also, try to find an organiser page (like School, Topic) that your resource fits into. (Wikiversity:Browse)

Uploading files edit

You may want to upload a file. Use the upload file link in the left-hand sidebar.

This could include a PDF version of a paper you have written, presentation slides, a picture to illustrate some text. Please note that content on Wikiversity must be "free" or "open" content, released under a license such as the GFDL (see Wikiversity:Copyrights)

Also, some filetypes are not able to be uploaded - that is why, for example, Wikiversity uses the "ogg" format instead of "mp3".

For more information (including policies and guidelines) on uploading files, see Wikiversity:Uploading files.

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