Intermediate Wikiversity

Welcome to Intermediate Wikiversity, a learning project for Wikiversity editors.

You should be familiar with the topics at Introduction to Wikiversity before tackling the more advanced topics of this learning project. This learning project provides tips and tutorials to help make your editing more efficient and productive.

Organizing related pages edit

Wikiversity edit toolbar.

Hyperlinks edit

Most people think about linking what they write to other pages and other websites. The edit toolbar has two buttons for links to other pages (the third and forth buttons from the left). See: Help:Link for details.

You also need to think about links to the page you are editing. How are other people going to find your page? Many pages in the main namespace have a link from a content development project; a topic page in the "Topic:" namespace. You should also make sure that any page you edit is in at least one category and is linked to from at least one portal. See below.

Categories edit

Related pages should be in the same category. Add [[Category:Categoryname]] to a page when you edit it. If you make a new page, it is important to look around and find what categories are already used for similar pages. If you create a new category, make sure you place the new category in at least one other existing category. See Help:Category for details.

If you are interested in participating more deeply into categorization at Wikiversity, please consider joining the Categories taskforce.

Portals edit

Portal pages (example: Portal:Learning Projects) provide user-friendly access to Wikiversity learning resources.Every category with a large number of pages can have its own portal. Make sure that every main namespace page you edit is linked to from at least one portal page. See Wikiversity:Portal for additional information.

Navigation templates edit

Related sets of pages can be placed in a "navigation box".

Template:Navigation2 can now be used to produce navigation boxes with easy access to the template from pages that use the navigation boxes. Why bother? This makes it easy for other Wikiversity participants to add to lists of related pages in navigation boxes. Example:

Make a new navigation box edit

It is easy to make a new navigation box from an existing one. For example, click on the small "e" of the "Observed structured clinical examination" navigation box, above. Doing so will open the edit window for Template:OSCE2. Copy the text from the edit window for Template:OSCE2 and then use it to start a new template page. In the edit window for your new navigation template, paste the text that you copied from the edit window for Template:OSCE2. Then, in the edit window for your new template, change the name, title and body. Make sure you set name = the name of your new template as it appears after "Template:" in the name of your new template page. In the "body", add links to the related pages that you are interested in. Also, you should change Category:Medical navigational boxes if your new template is not for School:Medicine.

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