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Categories on Wikiversity help group related content together. Wikiversity editors can create new categories to unite learning projects as needed. The string Category: precedes all category pages on Wikiversity. These itemize all the pages which belong to the category on one page. The page is editable and allows editors to write descriptions about the category, and even categorize the category, which allows for efficient navigation between categories.

Categorizing PagesEdit

Every main space page should belong to at least one category. In addition, each categorized page should be placed in all of the most specific categories to which it logically belongs. This means that if a page belongs to a subcategory of C (or a subcategory of a subcategory of C, and so on) then it is not normally placed directly into C. Since all categories form part of a hierarchy, do not add categories to pages as if they are tags.[1]

How to put pages into specific categoriesEdit

A page can be put into a category by adding the category markup to the page (by convention, at the end of the page), e.g.,:

[[Category:Category name]]

This will add the page into a list of all other pages with the same category applied to them, as well as provide a link at the bottom of the page to the appropriate category page. Pages can be included in more than one category by adding multiple category tags. To see a list of all the currently available categories in any MediaWiki see the page, Special:Categories.

Category Sources and HierarchyEdit

Refer to the following to identify widely recognized and accepted content categories and appropriate hierarchies:

Wikiversity MaintenanceEdit

Categories at Wikiversity are nearly always in need of cleanup and maintenance. To get an idea of how many categories we had when this Category:Wikiversity maintenance project began, take a look at Wikiversity:Categories/2007/Week20, which is basically an alphabetical flat list of all the categories followed by the number of members in each one.

We hope to use this page and its subpages to improve categorization at Wikiversity continuously.

Category ReviewEdit

A category review is a collaborative effort to check, rearrange, merge, delete, and generally clean up the Category namespace:

See AlsoEdit

MediaWiki Category ToolsEdit

A few category-specific tools looking at Special:Specialpages: