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Welcome to the department for developing Wikiversity. This page will organise all pages devoted to the development of all aspects of Wikiversity—its content, organisation, community, software, and any other aspect of Wikiversity that mediates its activity. This page will be closely interlinked with pages and projects about understanding and researching Wikiversity. Please help develop this page and linked pages to further discussion about how to make Wikiversity a quality resource. If you have any feedback on what you think Wikiversity could be improved, please say so on the talk page.

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How can we tell if material in Wikiversity is of any quality? How can we ourselves have a say in this review process? See, for example, initiatives at Wikiversity:Assessment and Wikiversity:Quality, and help develop (or suggest other initatives).

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See Wikiversity:Organizing Wikiversity for pages related to Wikiversity's community structure.

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