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When first conceived Wikiversity was proposed to become the Wikimedia wiki project devoted to the collaborative creation of learning resources. At that time, Wikipedia and Wikibooks already existed and those projects have specific types of learning resources: encyclopedia articles and textbooks. Wikiversity is for all the many types of learning resources not found at other Wikimedia websites. See: the approved Wikiversity mission.

Learning materials and activities.

Types of learning resources

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Wikiversity learning resources exist as Wikiversity website files. Some of the files exist as static learning materials in the File namespace: images, sound files, etc. Other Wikiversity learning resources are wiki pages, like this page, where Wikiversity participants can collaboratively edit the content of the page.

Wiki pages can be static learning materials or provide a work space for collaborative learn-by-doing projects. Examples of static learning materials might include a quiz or a lesson plan that can be downloaded from Wikiversity and used as a learning resource outside of Wikiversity, perhaps in a conventional classroom.

The Wikiversity terminology for describing different types of learning resources is given at Help:resource types.

Learning projects


The Wikiversity model for online learning emphasizes active collaborative learning. Wikiversity learning activities can be organized as learning projects, collections of collaboratively edited wiki webpages where Wikiversity participants learn by engaging in activities.

Active learning


The fundamental type of Wikiversity learning activity is collaborative webpage creation. At Wikiversity we learn by participating in the process of creating and editing wiki pages that help us explore our personal learning goals. Some Wikiversity learning projects are research projects where participants collaboratively explore a particular subject (example). Wikiversity learning projects can take many forms including help forums, discussion forums, tutorials or debate clubs.

Wikiversity welcomes scholarly learners who actively participate in collaborative learning projects hosted at Wikiversity. We are all learning how to use wiki technology to facilitate our learning. Click the "edit" button and share your ideas for how to create and develop Wikiversity learning projects.

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