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Wikiversity provides server space for a virtual commons where researchers from all over the world can describe their research and promote education-oriented collaborations. Many researchers, libraries and museums now have online versions of their research labs and online descriptions of research projects. Some of these websites invite participation by students.

One research area supported by Wikiversity is Secondary research. Groups of collaborating editors can use the wiki interface to produce a review article, which is a secondary source but refers to primary sources. The objection to this is that in general people want to own review articles in order to advance their careers and so would not collaborate on anything which had shared ownership and no qudos. However there is the possibility that researchers only interested in primary research might contribute to a collaborative review and also retired researchers might contribute to such an article? A system for collaborative article authoring and peer reviewed publishing in a wiki environment is described at the Wiki Journal.

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  • Astronomy Project - Project participants access public astronomy databases and explore outer space.

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"With student numbers falling, we need more researchers to do public-outreach work" (source)