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Wikipedia is a Wikimedia Project that is like a wiki. Wikipedia allows different people all around the world to edit Wikipedia, changing and correcting. Wikipedia is like an encyclopedia, it holds information about different things, like people, events, places, etc.

Wikiversity strives to provide useful services to WikiMedia sister projects. A continual problem facing Wikipedia is finding good sources to cite. Many Wikipedia editors have a specific agenda and are perfectly willing to cite poor and unverifiable sources to support claims that are made in Wikipedia articles. Wikiversity is a center for scholarship in finding and critically evaluating sources. Wikiversity participants are encouraged to create Wikiversity pages corresponding to any Wikipedia article. Three types of Wikiversity Learning Project can be take a Wikipedia article as a starting point:

  1. Projects designed to find high quality, verifiable sources. These projects seek to evaluate the quality of sources used in existing Wikipedia articles and support study groups that seek to find better sources. See: Citing Sources. Example: the Free education Wikipedia page needs help.
  2. Wikipedia articles are written with the assumption that the reader has a certain basic level of knowledge. Wikipedia readers who do not have the assumed level of knowledge can benefit from a guide that might be called "what you should know in order to understand this Wikipedia article". Wikiversity Learning Projects that develop such introductory guides to Wikiversity pages are welcome.
  3. Some Wikipedia users may want more detailed information than is provided by a Wikipedia article. Wikiversity Learning Projects can be developed that take Wikipedia articles as a starting place for more detailed investigations of a topic. Example: Cell biology improvement drive.

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