Cell biology improvement drive

Wikiversity participants with an interest in Cell biology can participate in the "Cell biology improvement drive". This Learning Project is a service-oriented Wikiversity project devoted to improvement of Cell biology articles at Wikipedia and development of the Wikibooks textbook about Cell biology.

Participants in the project can become involved in the construction of new Wikiversity pages that are concerned with Cell biology. This "Cell biology improvement drive" also includes improvement of existing Wikipedia pages (for example) and developmet of the Wikibooks cell biology textbook.

This project supports the idea of learning within a Wiki-format university by active participation in the construction of wiki pages. You can pick a topic in Cell Biology that interests you and start reading. As you discover interesting information, add what you have learned to a wiki page about the topic you are learning. Keep a record of what you read and what you write.

Project priorities

  • Create a tutorial about how to mine existing biomedical research databases and other online resources for Cell biology-related information.
  • Create a tutorial about how to make illustrations, including animations.
  • Please check out the cell biology course page. I have added a lot of resources including some pictures in the public domain and links to Itunes lectures. I added my notes but the sites really need a good editor, and I don't have the time or wiki knowledge to make the pages better. I will keep making lessons-I am about 1/4 the way through the course.

Useful templates


Database templates


Templates like this ({{OMIM}}) for the Protein databases, Enzyme Number and PubMed.

Human genetics for a protein/gene:
Example: {{OMIM|160000}}
Online 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man' (OMIM) 160000

Digital object identifier
Example: {{Doi|10.1038/437794a}}

Enzyme number:
Example: {{EC number|}}

Template for Protein Data Bank citations. Example:

Example: {{Protein Data Bank|9RUB}}

Protein Data Bank 9RUB

Template for PubMed Central full text articles
Example: {{PMC|137841}}

PMC 137841

Template for Entrez PubMed citations
Example:{{Entrez Pubmed|10336462}}

Entrez PubMed 10336462

Template for Entrez gene citations
Example: {{EntrezGene|2695}}

EntrezGene 2695

Template for RefSeq citations
Example: {{RefSeq|NM_004123}}

RefSeq NM_004123

Template for UniProt citations
Example: {{UniProt|P09681}}


Current project participants


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