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Our Mission edit

Wikiversity is a center for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities.

Our current primary priorities and goals are:

  • Create and host a range of free learning resources for educational processes, for all age groups in all languages
  • Form projects to interface with, (ie develop) existing Wikimedia projects (eg. finding sources project for Wikipedia)
  • Host and foster research based in part on existing resources in Wikiversity and other Wikimedia projects (such as Wikibooks, Wikisource etc.)
  • Other tasks and goals are initiated and pursued as articulated by participants according to personal priorities and self managed efforts

Some Ideas for Effective Initial Participation edit

File:Giant Impact.jpg
  • Add or tweak some notes at a course portal. History now seeking students!b:Wikiversity:School_of_History
  • Tweak a random textb:Special:Random for readability.
  • Create an interesting topic portal.
  • Wikiversity:Create a Random Lesson Plan
  • Assemble an initial list of links useful to others interested in the topic.
  • Add an outline bullet
  • Add a factual paragraph or bullet to an article or its associated discussion page.
  • Publish an essay question and answer or a term paper at an appropriate location.
  • Write a draft quiz at an regarding a random Wikipedia articlew:Special:Random or other subject of interest and publish it at an appropriate link in a learning trail.
  • Take a quiz at Wikiversity:available quiz list. Grade yourself or others, if you dare. 8)
  • Publish your course notes, lesson plans, topical essays, or reference works for others to review, modify or fork.
  • Come discuss how to improve Wikiversity at our current mailing list[1].

Please ask a question edit

Ask a question or state a desire for a learning resource by inserting a paragraph here: I Want to Know. If you feel like lending a hand after inserting your request, please peruse the other participants requests and add information, comments or clarifying questions boldly.

Recent material edit

Find a course edit

Browse the courses listed or requested of the various Wikiversity Schools. If you cannot find a particular course, you can request it or start building it yourself.

About the Wikiversity edit

Wikiversity is a wiki-based learning community. Here you can use online courses and also create courses yourself. See this page for some ideas about what the Wikiversity might become. Also, see more of how Wikiversity supports learning.

Different entry points and rough theory, as well as example forms are also available.

Discussing the Wikiversity edit

For previous discussions see the Meta page on Wikiversity. Since there is now a formal proposal to set up Wikiversity as a new Wikimedia project, try to keep discussions of Wikiversity's scope and goals centralized at Meta. In the future we might utilize a #wikiversity IRC channel as well. If you're interested, you could add your name to the participants list, and see who else is involved.

Wikiversity Core Courses edit

One way of moving Wikiversity forward is to create a set of core service courses that will meet the needs of existing Wikimedia projects. Since Wikibooks does not want to host Wikiversity, the Wikiversity Core Courses are being developed at the education wikicity. Hopefully, there will be an actual Wikiversity project with its own domain name in the near future.

Experimental Learning Processes edit

Join or create a debate and/or summarize its salient features at Please note this is an external site with its own community, social norms, and legal requirements. Please be prudent and wise in paraphrasing, citing, and archival of results locally. Content license requirements may conflict occasionally. Alternatively, methods learned there may be useful within the context of some local learning process or free materials development.

Wikiversity in other languages edit

You may read and edit courses in many different languages:

See Template:Main page for the current list.

Request a new Wikiversity website in another language. Use the Wikiversity Beta multilingual hub to start making Wikiversity pages for another language.

old list of links edit

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There are 2 german pages outside of wikibooks:

Wikiversity's sister projects edit

Wikiversity is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other multilingual and free-content projects: