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Welcome to the Computer Science Portal. This Portal is a directory of Computer Science pages at Wikiversity. This directory page provides links to Computer Science learning resources that have been developed by the various Wikiversity Computer Science content development projects. The main content development project is the School of Computer Science. This portal features exciting examples of Computer Science learning resources. Wikiversity participants who are interested in Computer Science are invited to create and participate in learning projects and learning resources and help organize them by developing this portal. We're just starting, but we already have some good materials. The Computer Science Portal serves to provide quick access to everything in the Computer Science category.


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Building an artificial neural network using reinforcement learning strategies
This project is devoted to making a neural network model of hippocampal place cells and simulating the activity of model neurons under conditions that model when a laboratory animal is in a Morris water maze.

What is happening in an animal's brain as it learns to swim consistently straight to a target? At this point, science can't really answer this question in full detail. One can only speak of spatial learning, place learning, cognitive maps formation and memory in general. This project tries to explore a mathematical model of these processes by making use of computers.

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"To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge." Grace Hopper,

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