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A science olympiad in the Southern United States.
Schoolchildren using the XO laptop on a field trip in Thailand.

Welcome to Wikiversity's Secondary Education Portal, an entry-point for Wikiversity's secondary education content.

Wikiversity is the Wikimedia Foundation's project which specifically aims to collect and share open educational resources. Wikiversity aims to be a critical global player in the use of the internet and information technologies to improve global education. We provide equally for all ages and stages of education and view secondary education as a key component of our mission. Through the creation of this portal dedicated to secondary education, we hope to encourage growth of our resource collection in this area.

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Wikiversity Film School is developing a new way for drama departments to create short motion pictures at the same time they produce a school play. The idea is to create a 5-minute motion picture using the same set, lights, costumes and props as the current school play. After the school play begins its run, rehearsals on a short movie can begin with new actors. Once the play is over, the shooting of the movie can begin. Since the set and the lights and the costumes are all ready, filming can be done very quickly during the weeks that follows the closing of the play. [[Course:Basic Filmmaking for High School Drama Departments
Volcano cut-away
1. Ash plume
2. Lapilli
3. Lava fountain
4. Volcanic ash rain
5. Volcanic bomb
6. Lava flow
7. Layers of lava and ash
8. Stratum
9. Sill
10. Magma conduit
11. Magma chamber
12. Dike
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