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Welcome to the portal for the Practical Arts and Sciences! This portal provides links to learning resources about subjects that have practical application to everyday life. Many of the subjects are relevant to professional careers in fields such as architecture and aviation.

Wikiversity participants with an interest in Practical Arts and Sciences are invited to collaborate at the content development projects for learning projects and learning resources and you can help organize access to them by developing this portal.

View a list of learning projects for Practical Arts and Sciences: learning projects for Practical Arts and Sciences.

Featured learning resource

Pomology Teaching Tools is a support project for the Department of Pomology. It is a project where participants create learning resources and study tools for pomology, such as pictures, schematic drawings, videos and textbooks.

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Selected research

Participants at Wikiversity NPC learn how to create and manage a nonprofit corporation. The corporation will be entirely oriented around the use of MediaWiki technology for the promotion of education.

Did you know...

The tail of an aircraft is called the "empennage". Usually it includes the stabilizers, rudder and elevator and it may contain the Flight Data Recorder ("black box") and Cockpit Voice Recorder. See: Introduction to aircraft components.


"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it." - Knute Rockne

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