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A Wikiversity school helps Wikiversity participants organize learning resources for a set of related academic topic areas. This page lists the major schools of Wikiversity. If you want to create a new academic school or department, please read the relevant parts of the naming conventions.

There can be both a schools and a portal for the same subject area. Portals quickly guide new Wikiversity visitors to educational content. The major Wikiversity schools are content development projects where Wikiversity editors plan, organize and develop related topics in a subject area. See: Wikiversity namespace for more information about Wikiversity portal, school, and topic pages.


The Wikiversity namespace hierarchy. A Wikiversity page for a School goes in the "School:" namespace and the names of such pages start with the "School:" prefix". Each Wikiversity school is devoted to studies of several academic topics. School pages link to pages in the "Topic:" namespace. Most pages in the "Topic:" namespace function like an academic department that studies a narrow academic topic. Schools that organize many smaller content development projects can put groups of related departments in to divisions. Departments can link to learning materials and educational resources. All learning resources belong in the main namespace (their names do not include any prefix.

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