Emma Zorn reading a newspaper.

The Wikiversity School of Journalism is looking to offer study courses people can follow to learn the ethics, theories and techniques of journalism.

We strongly encourage practical alignment with Wikinews, such as it being a venue for assignment work.

If you have knowledge or a skill that can be taught here, please start a course page and list it below.

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Things you can do! edit

  • Clean up Draft:Journalism and move it to become a subpage of a supporting main page learning project.

See also edit

  • Wikinews is a great place to hone your journalistic skills in a live public, neutral environment. Unlike many citizen journalism sites, Wikinews is written in the Neutral Point of View (NPOV), which means reporters there often strive for professionalism in reporting, with consideration for truth, fairness, balance, decency and ethics. There are regular reporters there, which are often credited for their work. Some Wikinews on-going projects you might be interested in include: Audio Wikinews and Original Reporting on Wikinews
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