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Mount Stirling 2018

Leigh lives on Mount Dandenong in Victoria, Australia. He works as an educational developer, focused on open and networked learning and research, and is currently employed with the College of Design and Social Context RMIT University. Leigh also designs and makes outdoor clothing and equipment under the label he started, Peak Oil Company.



Video recording of Humanist Technology presentation to eLearning Korea 2017
  1. Humanist technology - A presentation to eLearning Korea, arguing for the humanities taking a much stronger role in the consideration of technology. This project relates to the An ethical framework for ubiquitous learning.
  2. Badges: identify talent and brand by association - A research and development project at RMIT, looking at how badges could be used to improve the employment prospects of graduates in the Advertising degree.
  3. An ethical framework for ubiquitous learning - Presented as work in progress to the IEEE Conference 2014
  4. Data and Power - A presentation to the Melbourne University Analytics Forum 2014
  5. Open Online Courses and Massively untold stories - published by Ascilite2014
  6. Journalism studies and Wikinews - A collaborative paper published in the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference: Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century. 2013
  7. Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations - A manual for the New Zealand Ministry of Education 2009
  8. Sustainability considerations relating to the use of Second Life for education - A critical review for the New Zealand Ministry of Education 2009
  9. Socially constructed media and communications - A presentation to Ascilite 2007

Works in progressEdit

  1. Identifying Success in Learning Management System Changeover: Implications for professional development - A critical review of a change in learning management system at a large Australian University, covering the impact on workload and professional development activities in the university
  2. Defining Networked Learning - A project that challenges the established definition, proposes an alternative, and develops a method for assessing networked learning outcomes
  3. ONPhD - Project plan and explanation for this pursuit of an Open and Networked Doctor of Philosophy award, as per the criteria developing on Wikiversity
  4. A crisis for institutions, opportunities for teachers
  5. Education as instrument of colonisation
  6. Institutions and communities
  7. Notes on Bowers' False Promises of Constructivist Theories of Learning
  8. Open academic practice and Excellence in Research Australia
  9. Open academia survey
  10. EResearch in education: Open and networked practices and the rise of the citizen researcher
  11. Open academia: Principles and practices
  12. Open education and research at the University of Canberra - A presentation to the Annual General Meeting of Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia


Teaching and educational developmentEdit

  • La Trobe Health Sciences - Working with staff at La Trobe University to develop and pilot a range of subjects with open educational practices.
  • Community Health - Working with Rick Hayes and the La Trobe Public Health team in 2014 to compile and develop a program around community of health, including introductory modules, modules to guide project work that may be useful for flexible assessment, and outreach work that promote this open and flexible project.
  • The Bouverie Centre - Working with Robyn Elliot in 2012 through 2013 developing post graduate courses in family therapy
  • Professional Development for Teachers of Health Professionals - A program of projects that are assessed and badged aimed at developing and supporting professional development for teachers of health professionals
  • La Trobe University Open Conference - Working with a group of staff from across the university, to convene an open conference about open education
  • Activity, assignments and assessment - Ongoing effort to collect short descriptions of alternative approaches to assignments and assessment
  • Using video - an asynchronous open conference with staff at La Trobe University, talking about the different uses of video in teaching and assessment work through 2014
  • Facilitating Online - Working with Bronwyn Hegarty in 2007 through to 2009 to develop and deliver an open online course
  • Flexible learning - Working with Bronwyn Hegarty in 2007 through to 2009 to develop and deliver an open online course
  • Composing educational resources - A work in progress toward a multi disciplinary course in producing open educational media

Less developed: