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Here are some possible vision statements. Feel free to create alternative versions, make comments, improve, etc.:

Possible Wikiversity Vision Statements
Our vision is to create a world where everyone has resources to freely learn about anything and everything, both known and unknown, in order to better themselves and society.
Our vision is to create a world in which everyone can freely access and develop learning resources in any topic, and to build knowledge for themselves and society.
Wikiversity's vision is to create freely accessible and editable learning resources for all people and subject areas.

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[A vision needs more than a single sentence statement (though it needs that too!) - so this section is to develop such a vision.]

Wikiversity intends to be a comprehensive repository of learning resources and knowledge in all subjects, for all ages and types of learners. It also intends to be a space for learning - through collaborating, participating, discussing, and questioning. Wikiversity strives to create an open platform in which people can connect with others in order to learn - as well as offering a means for self-study, or creating a more personalised space for learning. Wikiversity is also open to questioning and discussion around how Wikiversity works - it is a self-reflexive experiment in learning, the 'wiki way'.

Many individual visions exist for Wikiversity, just as many methods and ideologies exist around learning. For example, some people like to think of Wikiversity as an evolution of the ancient Grecian discursive model of learning, and others believe that it should be a more formalised, didactic system. In practice, Wikiversity strives to be as inclusive of these visions as possible - though it does operate within a wiki methodology, and therefore does have a strong bias towards openness and collaboration. However, true to its experimental roots, Wikiversity is in a constant engagement with how best to provide for an open learning platform and repository. Your own vision is welcome...

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  • Is a vision statement necessary, in addition to a mission statement? (e.g., perhaps the Vision could be considered as the package of Motto, Slogan, Mission, Strategy, etc.?)

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  • Check how the structure of vision, mission, goals, slogans, mottos, etc. is set up on other WMF projects, and the WM foundation itself.
  • Check how the proposed WV vision connects/disconnects with sister projects and the WMF.

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