Wikiversity:Sister projects

Wikiversity is a project from the Wikimedia Foundation, along with a number of other projects - all of which are free content and all of which are developed through the medium of a wiki. These "sister projects" are listed below, along with a short description of each.

Projects edit

Wikipedia edit

An encyclopedia

Wikibooks edit


Wiktionary edit


Commons edit

Media repository - Images, soundfiles etc.

Wikisource edit

Source texts

Wikinews edit

News stories

Wikiquote edit


Wikispecies edit

Directory of species

Other edit

These are not sister projects, per se, but are intrinsically related to the work of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Meta-Wiki edit

Multilingual, multiproject collaboration

Wikimedia Foundation edit

Details of the Wikimedia Foundation

There are also various committees of the Wikimedia Foundation, and national chapters associated with the Foundation, many of which have their own wikis - details at m:Wikimedia committees and m:Wikimedia chapters

MediaWiki edit

Development of and documentation on the mediawiki software that Wikimedia wikis run on

Wikimedia Incubator edit

Language editions which do not yet have their own separate wiki, and test them whether to open one

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