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Wikiversitarians exploring their creation.

This pages covers ideas and approaches put forward over the years on the topic of how to use Wikiversity for teaching, learning and research. It could be used as a shortcut to understanding the hundreds of pages and thousands of edits devoted to this topic over the years.

A historical listing of concepts of learning for Wikiversity edit

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Pre-2006 edit

  • Early influences: the University Model
    One of the earliest concepts of learning for Wikiversity was the "university model", in which it was attempted to model Wikiversity as exactly as possible on a university. This university was to have faculties (or schools), courses (with course ID's following the US system), staff members (qualified?), the ability to grant degrees, and so on. Swathes of pages were created in accordance with this concept, which was nevertheless quickly rejected by the Wikimedia Foundation. Many of these pages (confusingly) survive today, while the board's rejection of the "university model" left an unclear state-of-play as regards defining the content of Wikiversity.
  • Early influences: educational egalitarianism
    The history of the resource Wikiversity:Learning shows that as early as 2005, well before Wikiversity's official launch, there was a school of thinking which promoted non-hierarchical or leaderless "learning groups". A similar approach, also stemming from 2005, can be found in User:Cormaggio's Wikiversity:Learning community. The egalitarian model contrasts with the University Model.

in order to teach we must learn. in order to learn we must teach

2006-2007 edit

This section covers concepts and approaches which emerged in the 6 months or so following Wikiversity's official launch.

2008 edit

There was renewed interest in a concept of learning for Wikiversity starting at the beginning of 2008. Much of this focussed around a revival of User:Cormaggio's Wikiversity:Developing Wikiversity through action research.

Other resources related to Wikiversity learning edit

Technology issues edit

The debates over a "concept" or "model" of learning for Wikiversity have been accompanied by and closely associated with issues of technology support. It has been widely recognized that in order to provide a full learning experience, Wikiversity must provide a stronger multimedia environment and greater interaction than other Wikimedia projects.


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