Wikiversity:Developing Wikiversity through action research/Wikiversity identity

List of different ways to refer to Wikiversity participants:

  • Wikiversian
  • Wikiversitan
  • Wikiversity participant
  • Wiklar?
  • Wikiversitarian
  • Wikiversiter
  • Wikiversitian
  • Learner

Thoughts Edit

  • What does the absence of a unifying identifier mean for the community on Wikiversity?
Interesting thought - and interesting page! I think it might be worthwhile to ask other projects about this too - I haven't heard of Commons or Wikisource having such project "identifiers". And on the broader theme that this page invites, I think it would be a fascinating project to build a complex picture of what people come to Wikiversity in order to do, whether this relates to what they do for a living (or study), and how people's identities can fluctuate within these spaces/categories. I'm thinking personally of how I can be a custodian/bureaucrat, an educator, a facilitator, a learner, a questioner, an organiser, a participant, an observer, a researcher, a networker, a campaigner, .... Cormaggio talk 16:02, 18 June 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]