Wikiversity:Developing Wikiversity through action research/Theories

Page for outlining and developing theories informing the project Developing Wikiversity through action research. The page is only a skeleton at the moment - please, feel free to add ideas or comments here or on the talk page.

Activity theory Edit

w:Activity theory visualises activity as a fundamentally social act - where social structures and artifacts mediate the activity of a group of people.

Communities of practice Edit

w:Communities of practice - Etienne Wenger

Collaboration Edit

Theories on how we collaborate, why we collaborate, how collaboration works, and what effect collaboration has on the immediate context and society in general

Radical pedagogy Edit

Power Edit

Democracy Edit

  • Dewey: Democracy and education
  • Chantal Mouffe
  • Ricardo Blaug

Organisational learning Edit

There's a lot of such theory that errs on the "management-speak" side - I'll be using this to some extent, but also applying critical angles from within and outside this field.