Wikiversity:Developing Wikiversity through action research/Theories

Page for outlining and developing theories informing the project Developing Wikiversity through action research. The page is only a skeleton at the moment - please, feel free to add ideas or comments here or on the talk page.

Activity theoryEdit

w:Activity theory visualises activity as a fundamentally social act - where social structures and artifacts mediate the activity of a group of people.

Communities of practiceEdit

w:Communities of practice - Etienne Wenger


Theories on how we collaborate, why we collaborate, how collaboration works, and what effect collaboration has on the immediate context and society in general

Radical pedagogyEdit



  • Dewey: Democracy and education
  • Chantal Mouffe
  • Ricardo Blaug

Organisational learningEdit

There's a lot of such theory that errs on the "management-speak" side - I'll be using this to some extent, but also applying critical angles from within and outside this field.