Wikiversity (the rest of the story)

Welcome to Wikiversity (the rest of the story), a learning project for advanced Wikiversity participants.

You can probably benefit from being familiar with the topics at Intermediate Wikiversity before worrying about the more advanced topics of this learning project. This learning project provides details about Wikiversity that probably only an obsessed Wikimedian would care about.

How to start a portal edit

Wikiversity portal pages are directories of Wikiversity content.

A significant amount of Wikiversity content is organized hierarchically using content development projects. However, there can also be a hierarchy of portals. For example, Portal:Science links to other science-related portals such as Portal:Life Sciences. So if there are ever too many learning resources to fit into an existing portal page for some topic, you can always start making new portals that are devoted to subtopics.

When creating a new portal page, the portal format used at Portal:Science can be created by following the step-by-step instructions at Template talk:Box portal skeleton.

Another portal page format option is shown at Portal:Social entrepreneurship. See also:Make a portal - guide to making multi-page portals.

Useful resources edit

Wikiversity:Contact - Project email discussion, Internet Relay Chat

What's going on? edit

  • 8:00 class - the Wikiversity 24 hour project-related news cycle

Discussions as learning resources edit

At Wikiversity there are some learning projects with discussions by participants. These discussions are learning resources. How can such main namespace discussions be efficiently managed as learning resources?

Old discussion threads can be "archived" into collapsible "discussion boxes" as shown at Science and the nonphysical. This "trick" of "boxing up" old discussion threads provides an example of using a Wikiversity template that takes "arguments". In this case, the template is Template:Discussion subpage and it is used as follows:

{{Discussion subpage
| name  = name of the subpage (original discussion page name & '''subpage name''')
| title = something descriptive and the dates of the discussion
| titlestyle = text-align:center;
| bodystyle = text-align:left;
| body  = the text of the discussion
[[Category:original discussion page name & discussion boxes]]

For the subpage name, you can use a section title from the original discussion. An example is at Science and the nonphysical/Does science arise from evidence or belief. In order to include the subpage back into the original page, use {{/subpage name}}, in this case the subpage is included back into Science and the nonphysical. There are 5 arguments passed to the template called "Discussion subpage" (name, title, titlestyle, bodystyle and body). You can just leave titlestyle and bodystyle as they are unless you want fancy styles for your discussion box text. You need to provide the correct information for the name, title and body arguments. Also, to help organize the subpages you create, provide a category name in the "noinclude" part.

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