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Today's fire and emergency services have evolved considerably. While steeped in a rich history, the new fire service tradition is one of diversity of skills and knowledge. The vision of the School of Fire and Emergency Management is to be a portal for training and education; as well, to provide a resource for related research and data. Our approach is titled Open Source Learning. To learn more about it, read the paper About Open Source Learning Project by Michael D. Finney. Building upon this foundation, education and learning will be the key to the future of the fire and emergency services. Upon this foundation, we begin our journey. The beauty of this community is the ability to collaborate at all levels and to share that knowledge base with everyone. In short, the success is based on the ability to share what we know and to build upon it.


Current Fire and Emergency Management Students If you are a current student, looking for information or a program then have a browse. If we don't have what you are looking for, then we hope you will find it, add it here and wait for others to review what you've added. We're naturally all volunteers, but there's more chance of finding what you're searching for if you talk about it. If you would like to see something added, please click here.

Brand New If you are brand new to the School of Fire and Emergency Management, then take a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Much like new apparatus or equipment, familiarization builds confidence and skills. As well, the community will constantly be growing and developing, so taking time now to get one's navigational bearings will save a lot of frustration down the road.

Academia If you are an academic, instructor, or training officer, then we welcome you to edit, add and evolve the site. Your knowledge and expertise will add greatly to the integrity and morale of the School, as well as adding confidence to end users. It's also quite fun. You can add to current courses or create your own.

To All The most important thing, is that if you have some information you can share - then share it! We welcome all contributions.

Training Materials

Airport Rescue Fire Fighting


Emergency Medical Services

Fire and Life Safety Educator

Fire Fighter

Fire Inspector

Fire Instructor

Fire Investigator

Fire Officer

Hazardous Materials

Technical Rescue

Public Safety Telecommunicator


Wildland Firefighter

Departmental Message Board


This is the gateway for information about the courses and training in general. We hope that its size and scope will increase dramatically as participation in the School increases. We welcome input from all.

Current Research and Project News

Post here if you have a research project or proposal you are working on. Also, if there is a course you would like to develop and would like to know if others are in need of it or are working on it.

  • Leadership I (under Fire Officer) is complete and ready for use...please provide feedback and suggestions on the discussion page of the main course page.
  • We are in need of volunteers to begin translating some of the projects into other languages. If you are interested, please email Mfinney for more information of where to begin.

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