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This category lists courses by their completion status. Normally you can add courses to this category by attaching a template to your resource page that marks its completion status. As your resource becomes more developed, you can upgrade the completion status template and your resource will be automatically moved into higher categories.

One of the main exploration paths for Wikiversity is Category:Resources by completion status, which helps users filter out (or filter in) resources by their completion status, so that they can, for example, obtain a list of complete resources only, or find incomplete ones to work on further.

You can explore the current structure of Category:Resources by completion status by using the dynamic category tree to the right.

See also: Help:Resources by completion status

Freshly started resources: the only pages directly listed in this category are resources created this month. Pages are temporarily and automatically sorted into this category, after which they are automatically put into a subcategory based on their month and year of last modification.


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