The Art of Reassembly

Course DescriptionEdit

We like to break stuff. In order to fuel this passion while still simultaneously learning something, we have decided to spend the first half of next semester carefully disassembling and reassembling objects such as engines, mechanical toys, and appliances. The second half of the semester, we will use the parts that fell under the table during the first half of the semester to design and build new objects of our design. The emphasis will be on mechanical systems

Course Expectations and Learning GoalsEdit

This course will be one credit, or three hours. For the first half of the semester, the plan is for 1 1/2 - two of these hours to consist the disassembly and reassembly process. The remaining time would be spent in researching the various technologies in the dissected objects as well as in preparing short written statements or presentations on how those technologies work and fit together. For the second half of the semester, all three hours will be spent in designing and building the final project. We will still meet every two weeks to discuss progress of projects and help each other work.

The goal of these activities will be to acquire knowledge of design and mechanical engineering by examining devices, and then to solidify this knowledge by applying the principles we observe.


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