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Your user page

While you are logged in, then there will be links at the top of each page to your user page and user talk page.

If you create a user account then an empty user page is created for you. You can put whatever you like on your user page, as long as it relates in some reasonable way to Wikiversity (and your involvement), and fits within Wikiversity:Policies.

See also: Help:Blog

Your user discussion page

Your user talk page is for discussions about you and your participation in Wikiversity.

See Help:Talk page for conventions about how to hold discussions on talk pages.

Personal navigation of Wikiversity

Wikiversity is complex and ever growing. Getting around and finding material can be difficult. Below are some techniques that people find of value when navigating Wikiversity:

  • Recent changes - You can find material that you or others have recently modified via the recent changes element of the navigation menu. As Wikiversity grows this feature will become less useful for this purpose because of the speed/volume of changes.
  • Contributions - A log of your personal edits when you are logged into your user account is kept. To find something where you made a modification click on my contributions at the top left and skim or search (CTRL-F) the list until you find the area you want and click on it.
  • Personal set of links to areas of interest - On your user page (or a subpage) manually create a list of links to pages of personal interest.
  • Watchlist - On pages which you want to keep track of, click on "watch" (top menu). Then, whenever logged in, click on "my watchlist" (top menu) to follow changes on your pages of interest.


Use discretion: Everything you write anywhere on this wiki is public and explicitly GFDL licensed for infinite redistribution. Redistribution of indiscretion happens when you don't want it. Write publicly with forethought.

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