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If you have a request for types of materials you would like to use, or develop, please add them to this page (below), or to the subject area you are interested in (see Browse). You can also be bold and try to add materials yourself - see this tutorial page to find out how.

If adding a request, please put its name in the 'Summary' field of the edit form. This allows fellow collaborators watching this page to note additions from their watchlists.

Suggestion: also add a link to the Wikipedia article on the topic. If there aren't even enough people to build an encyclopedia article, then there won't be enough people to build an entire learning project.

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It is highly recommended that you browse for relevant topics before posting them here; they may already exist, or may be in the works.

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  • South/Central American Revolutionary Groups
  • Soviet Union History (See w:Russia#Soviet_Union for what is currently available)
  • US History/ Coronado's expedition (1540) through Arizona. Did any Spanish horses escape? Rustled? Did Mustangs get to Texas before about 1720?
  • Page containing links to free-access online peer-reviewed journals - this can be used also to get links for use on subject and project pages (see my userpage for a few already obtained by me: Jimbobalina2005 )
  • The History of Mallsw:Shopping_mall

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Proficient learning in this specialty will allow the student to achieve skills in the following areas:

History Taking


Analysis of Investigations


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Case 1

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