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The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on Wikiversity. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups can be joined, and get or post news about recent events or current activities.

Community bulletin board

Post your Wikiversity related news and announcements here! New portals, collaborations, and Learning projects seeking contributors. New initiatives, proposals, discussions, or article drives, and current maintenance requests.



  • Help form active Wikiversity learning communities: see Reading groups.
  • Wiki Campus Radio (once called "Wikio") is getting closer to becoming a reality. This audio learning platform will help "increase participation in Wikiversity while strengthening its community and extending its reach." get involved
  • Summer is here and the Bloom clock project is looking for blooming flowers. Anyone with a digital camera or even a notepad can help out!
  • The French Department is in need of an Instructor and contributers.
  • New learning project: Collaboratively-building concepts.
  • Users interested in learning Spanish should sign up at Spanish/Students.
  • Register language of interest We have a threshold of ten interested participants to initiate a dedicated language domain away from the incubator site.
  • Update the links on this page from Wikipedia links to Wikiversity links.
  • Create pages from the redlinks on this page (if required and useful)
  • New learning project: English as a Second Language (ESL) project in coordination with The Justin M. Dart Foundation ( We are looking for volunteers and teachers to help create a FREE online English learning program. Please email if interested!

Centralized discussions edit

To do lists

Wikiversity is growing. However, at this early stage many areas are stubs, or otherwise need attention. If you like, go ahead, be bold, and jump right in.

Things to do edit

Learning projects edit

Custodian work edit

Time Dependent edit

Ongoing edit

Not sure where to report a certain type of problem with article content? If it exists, it's probably listed at Wikiversity:Maintenance.

Guidelines, help, and resources

Wikiversity is "staffed" by a small number of volunteers. Here are some of the most general; for more specific departments, check the appropriate page below. See also the Wikiversity department directory.

Help edit

Editing edit

Policies and guidelines edit

Wikiversity has some policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a brief sampling of some of the most important. Policies and guidelines apply both to materials, and how to work with fellow editors. For easy access, the shortcuts to the pages are also listed.

Article standards edit

Be bold! WV:BB • WV:BOLD
Citing sources WV:CITE • WV:REF
Copyrights WV:C
External links WV:EL
Image use WV:IUP
Include only verifiable information WV:V • WV:VER
Manual of Style WV:MOS • WV:STYLE
Neutral point of view WV:NPOV
What Wikiversity is not WV:WWIN • WV:NOT

Working with others edit

Assume good faith WV:AGF • WV:FAITH
Civility and etiquette WV:CIVIL • WV:EQ
Consensus WV:CON
Don't bite the newcomers WV:BITE
Resolving disputes WV:DR
Vandalism WV:VAND • WV:VD

Resources edit

New user information

Welcome! · New user tutorial · Sandbox · Help · What Wikiversity is not · Glossary · Account benefits

Ways to communicate

Discussion pages · Mailing list (Wikiversity-l Please subscribe to the list or view the archives) · IRC Chat · User pages · Surveys · Custodians' noticeboard · Requests for feedback · Meetups

Community support groups and programs

Welcoming committee · Wikiversity awards program · Barnstars ·

Common Procedures

Featured content · Good content · Requests for feedback · Deleting a page (full policy) · Moving a page (naming policies) · Protecting a page (full policy) · Reverting a page · Custodian nominationsCategory-based access to administration

How to resolve conflicts

Stay cool! · Be nice to newcomers ·

Community information

About Wikiversity · About Wikimedia · Wikischolars · Donations · Administrators · Babel · Culture ·

Related communities

The links below lead to the main community pages of the projects.
All of these projects are multilingual and open-content.
Meta-Wiki – Coordination of all Wikimedia projects.
Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia.
Wiktionary – A collaborative multilingual dictionary.
Wikinews – News stories written by readers.
Wikibooks – A collection of collaborative textbooks.
Wikiquote – A compendium of referenced quotations.
Wikisource – A repository for free source texts.
Wikispecies – A directory of species.
Commons – Repository for free images and other media files.