Wikiversity:Page protection

Wikiversity custodians can protect pages from edits, name changes, and recreations. Protection is most often used to deter vandalism and stop edit wars. The procedure to protect a page is to put any of several page protection templates on the page.



A page under semi-protection means only participants with accounts that are at least four days old can edit it.

Full protection


When a page is fully protected only custodians and curators can edit, move, or create the page.

Move protection


When a page is move protected the page can only be moved to a new name using the "move" button by registered users or custodians. Pages protected from edits and movs are listed at Special:Protectedpages.

Create protection


When a page is create protected the page can only be created by autoconfirmed users or custodians. The protect tool is available to custodians for all pages, even deleted pages. Pages that are protected from creation are listed at Special:Protectedtitles.

Creation protection menu.

Cascading protection


When Cascading protection is used, all pages transcluded on a page are also protected.

Custodian controls for page protection.

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