Wikiversity:Staying cool when the editing gets hot

Intro edit

On a controversial page, editing can get harsh. Often members will engage in "edit-wars" where two people repetitively edit a detail back and forth. This gets harsher until it may go as far as vandalism. This has a negative effect on the Wikiversity community, and can result in a ban. There are about 2 things you can do when you think you are caught in a dispute like that, report it to arbitration, or just handle it yourself.

How to handle edit

Now, when someone starts one of these, you have to be careful to stay neutral, and not get angry.

First: go on to the topics "talk" page and try to discuss it with the other Wikiversity participant, and if that doesn’t work, see if you can compromise.

And if none of the above works, bring it to Wikiversity staff. They can help you in solving disputes. But the key thing through all this is to "Stay cool" or just don't get angry.

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