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This page is dedicated to the OpenStax textbook on the calculus-based Unviversity Physics. The algebra/trig bases textbook is OpenStax College Physics.

Volume 2: Classroom-ready quizzes and exams are available on WikiversityEdit

Equation sheets and summaries are available for much of this bookEdit

Volume 1:

Volume 2:


Accessing the textbookEdit

These are probably not the latest version. The following online versions are probably newer:

While the latest version is typically the "best", some (but certainly not all) instructors may prefer to keep an older version until all changes have been incorporated into the course. Wikiversarians should feel free to update these links. Instructors who wish to "freeze" a certain edition need to place those links on a different Wikiversity page with instructions to not upgrade.February 2018 (UTC)

Power point slides converted to PDF format for easy online useEdit

These slides were provided by OER. The titles do not exactly match the chapters

Volume 1Edit

c:File:MUPHYS1 00 Physics 1 (Course Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 01 Units and Measurements (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 02 Vectors (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 03 Motion Along a Straight Line (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 04 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 05 Newton s Laws of Motion (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 06 Applications of Newton s Laws (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 07 Work and Kinetic Energy (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 08 Potential Energy and Convservation of Energy (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 09 Linear Momentum and Collisions (Module Overview).pdf
c:File:MUPHYS1 10 Fixed Axis Rotation (Module Overview).pdf
11-18 under construction.

Volume 2Edit

c:File:MUPHYS2 00 Physics 2 (Course Overview).pdf