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(Vol. 2):    5:Electric Charges and Fields    6:Gauss's Law    7:Electric Potential    8:Capacitance    9:Current and Resistance    10:Direct-Current Circuits    11:Magnetic Forces and Fields    12:Sources of Magnetic Fields    13:Electromagnetic Induction    14:Inductance    15:Alternating-Current Circuits    16:Electromagnetic Waves


Chapter 10 edit

Direct-Current Circuits edit

Terminal voltage   where   is the internal resistance and   is the electromotive force.
▭ Resistors in series and parallel:   ▭  
▭ Kirchoff's rules. Loop:  Junction:  

▭   ▭   where   is internal resistance of each voltage source.
▭ Charging an RC (resistor-capacitor) circuit:   and   where   is RC time,   and  .
▭ Discharging an RC circuit:   and  

For quiz at QB/d_cp2.10 edit

  where  =internal resistance and  =emf.


Kirchhoff Junction:  and Loop:  

Charging an RC (resistor-capacitor) circuit:   and   where   is RC time,   and  .

Discharging an RC circuit:   and